Jumping In!

I have planned to build a website for quite a while. It was one of those “I should do that somehow” tasks that never quite seemed to happen. I’ve been saving material in folders on multiple computers for multiple years now, but squeezing in study time and then development time was tough. I finally cracked open an instruction book, cranked up the tunes, and got busy.

You’ll see I’ve written a lot of plays (Lately I’ve worked on books too). I’ve actually written more than what you see here, but these pieces are the ones other people have supported. Obviously I’m hoping you’ll support them too. I also get asked quite a bit about what I’ve got coming up next, so if you’re interested, this site will be a great way to find out.

I hope to keep this site an active place. Plays are really conversations in front of audiences, so blogging has some similarities. I’ve got some interesting subjects planned, so please come back again! They’re only words, they don’t bite. Well, at least not physically.

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