Zombie Chick (Play)

Short Play — Single Set — 2 Women

Zombie Chick
A Wiccan tries to save her Las Vegas coven by recruiting a young woman who can resurrect animals.

Published in: Lucky 13: Short Plays About Arizona, Nevada, and Utah

Photo courtesy of A Product of Mayhem and Foolishness,
Las Vegas, NV

Synopsis: Sue is a young woman who can resurrect dead animals by sewing them back together. She lives on a remote desert chicken farm with her father, and people come from miles around to bring their pets back to life. Mooncloud, a Wiccan woman from a failing Las Vegas coven, arrives at the farm to see if Sue can truly revive animals. When Sue proves her ability, Mooncloud believes she will save their dying coven. But is Sue willing to move?

Why It Was Written: Red Shuttleworth, cowboy poet and fellow playwright from UNLV, asked me to write a short play for a western plays anthology he was publishing. I was listening to the radio on the way home from work, and a young woman called herself the Zombie Chick while she requested a song. That grabbed me as a title, and I started playing around with it. The zombie became a baby chicken and I improvised from there.

The play was staged as part of an actors’ showcase in Minneapolis, and the actors used a live baby chicken, which got a nice surprise reaction from the audience. More recently this play was turned into a short film, and you can read more about that under the Films Etc. menu.

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