Out on the Ice

Short Play – Single Set – 2 Men

Published By: The Dramatic Publishing Company

Published In: A Grand Entrance: Scenes and Monologues for Mature Actors

Description: Two men at an ice fishing contest struggle with whether they should cheat to win the grand prize.


Synopsis: Knute and Bob have been coming to the same ice fishing contest for over twenty years and they never win. This year it’s turning out the same way, all they catch so far are tiny, scrappy perch. Knute would really like to win the grand prize this year, a Ford Bronco. So he secretly smuggled a huge northern pike along in Bob’s beer cooler. Now he just needs to convince Bob they should pretend they caught it…

Why It Was Written: Ann McDonough, a professor of Senior Adult Theatre at UNLV, asked me to write a short play for a new monologue and short play anthology she was developing. Meanwhile, my family and I had just moved back to Minnesota from California, and we moved back in the winter! So while my body was getting reacquainted with the frigid cold and miles of white snow and ice, I wrote this play.

I was also looking for a new day job and my wife’s car had broken down (thankfully it was still under warranty), so I was thinking a lot about money. I suspect all of those influences and frustrations came together in this little play. It’s one of my favorite pieces I’ve written for mature actors.

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