Short Play – Single Set – 1 Man, 1 Woman

Published In: Short Stuff: Ten to Twenty-Minute Plays for Mature Actors

Published By: Dramatic Publishing Company

Description: Judy and Pete have an annoying fly in their bedroom, and it’s making them very annoyed with each other as well.


Synopsis: Judy and Pete really want to get to bed, but a fly is buzzing around in their bedroom. The stupid bug driving them absolutely crazy! As they fight over the best way to get rid of it, their little jabs at each other turn serious. Pretty soon Judy and Pete are debating the whole future of their relationship. Will Judy and Pete stay together, or will that fly drive them both out of the house?

The How and Why: There was probably a fly buzzing around in our apartment in Las Vegas, I don’t remember for sure. I really liked the challenge of writing a short play where the characters were doing two things at the same time – chasing a fly and arguing about the future of their marriage. The more emotional the characters get, the more vigorously they chase the fly.

I was also a graduate assistant to Dr. Ann McDonough, professor of Senior Theatre at UNLV. While helping with both her classes and productions, I got to know several older actors. This felt like a good conceit for senior adult play, and so the fly started to buzz.

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