First Person Shooter Computer Game


Published By: Accolade Games

Description: Play one of three cool characters and blow up lots of stuff.

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The Characters: Eleena, Kamchak, and Dan Blaze





What I Did: I worked briefly on this game after Deadlock was released, writing dialogue and directing the voice acting. The game’s story was created by the Eradicator design team. Eradicator is a first person shooter game like Doom, but the game’s main hook is you could play one of three characters – Dan Blaze, a cybernetic mining engineer, Kamchack, a reptilian alien warrior, or Eleena, a tripped out mercenary with fox ears.

The designers wanted some dialogue to help make the player’s experience with each character unique and also pass along clues to puzzles. This helped include the game as part of Accolade’s Games with Personality theme. The schedule was tight, so I hired some actors from Deadlock to perform the roles, turning around my part in the project in about a month. The design team liked my work, and so later I collaborated with them on Star Control IV. Unfortunately, Star Control IV was cancelled during the long, slow meltdown at Accolade, and I haven’t worked on a computer game since then.