Deadlock II: Shrine Wars

Strategy Computer Game


Published By: Accolade Games

Description: “Build an Empire, Dominate a World”

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Fansite: Gallius IV

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What I Did: Cyberlore Studios in Massachusetts ended up developing the Deadlock sequel, but I did quite a bit of writing on this game. I flew out to their studio so we could work out the game fiction and create new dialogue.

Their animators storyboarded this opening movie, but I helped them with the dialogue. Then when I got back to California, we hired the original actors to do the voiceover work (they were grateful). The same actor plays all the Cyth voices.

The opening movie for Deadlock II: Shrine Wars is a follow-up to the original Deadlock: Planetary Conquest movie. In the first movie, the Cyth stage a sneak attack on the Humans, so in this movie, the Humans strike back against the Cyth. Computer animation was rapidly improving too; notice how much more detail appears in the Shrine Wars movie. The games were released just two years apart.